Learning to live in the now, 2020

Spoken word performance accompanied by textile piece and ceramic hands for The Spot, Paris


Pachamama a veces me llamas

pachamama sometimes you call to me

to receive your messages and relay

but when this happens

I can feel a rope,

tying me up

                  constraining me

I am a human from nature

as are you 


and     you 

made from the soil, the tierra of the Andes 

and mixed with the rolling waves of the Pacific

Mis antepasados, my ancestors, they whisper their names in my ear

gifting me the lessons we must re learn

The modern human has lost it's way

we believe in the filosofía consumerista occidental

the western consumerist philosophy

which has lead to the loss 

and forget

of oneself 

It has created the individualist mindset

we expect everything instantly 

and want it all for ourselves

¿pero no vez la infelicidad que esto crea?

don't you see the unhappiness this creates?

Recuérdense, you are dust

we will return to the soil

but what if there is nothing to return to...

what if we finish destroyin-

I count the days until we're told the apocalypse has come 

as a child I would ask my grandma

almost everyday

if my life, this life, was a dream

I had managed to convince myself that I was in a coma

and this life I was living

was the dream of the me in the coma 

maybe it is

maybe the planet died,

I'm in a coma,

and now I live in my coma dream

what if we finish destroying her

of course we know this can't happen. 

We may be her children, but she won't be afraid to kill us first

La luna miraba hacia la tierra, buscando los humanos

The moon looked onto the earth, looking for the humans

Within Andean cosmovision, we are much concerned with family, nature and mother earth

and the intertwinement between all these

because there is no separation within these elements  

Yes, we are all connected.

                          In this room

                          in the streets

                          in other lands

                          all over the globe

                          the rivers

                          the trees 

                          the birds

                          the seas

no hierarchy - just connection

Embodying and understanding

I still ask and seek to answer

why our humanity harms 

the feminine 

the feminine as an energy

                           an entity

                           a being

our destruction of our home comes from the disconnect of our feminine 

It's why we feel detached from nature

acting like we can do what we want with her,

this earth

Recognise the feminine,

take reign of your power

it's your intuition

your emotional capacities

your softness - 

to move intentionally,

with calm

it's your connection to the moon and this earth.

Evolve to live like water

Learn to live in the now