Llaqta (2019) shown at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

This work was formed by a collaboration between mother and child, conversations between friends and strangers, moments of sharing food and moments for sharing knowledge and thoughts.

A safe space was created where hierarchy did not exist, presented by the varying heights of the platforms.

The platforms were fully accessible via the ramps.

The self standing structure was co-designed by the artist (SGV) and architect Ana Silvia Valenzuela. Inspired by local self standing structures within the Patagonia region (where the architect currently resides) and Peruvian Amazonian structures.

A programme was scheduled over the course of 6 days. Each day a different event was held where the artist invited people from their life to occupy and utilise the space as they wished.

The programme was made possible thanks to the participation of:

Tom Austin

Narges Mohammadi

Ana Silvia Valenzuela

Ruana Tahitu, Afra Mukhtar and Hasan Gök

Tom Austin

Is contemporary art causing climate change

Narges Mohammadi and her mother

Let me take care of you

Ana Silvia Valenzuela 

In collaboration 

Ruana Tahitu, Afra Mukhtar, Hasan Gök

Group Discussion #2

photography -  Colourful Penguins